Hi, my name is Kim Bradley.  I am married to Simon, with two lovely adult children and a crazy golden retriever.  We live in a beautiful village in Oxfordshire where I work from my home office.

I began my career in health back in 1997, initially as a holistic masseuse.  My career progressed from massage into coaching, training and public speaking.  My latest passion being for the subject of Gut Health and the Human Microbiome which fascinates me with every new thing I learn.

In 2011, I began working with Synergy Worldwide, a nutritional company whose ethics and passion for helping others was akin to my own way of thinking.  Synergy is a Network Marketing company and quite soon into my career with Synergy I created the Heart 2 Heart team, a team of people who really care about each other and helping others.  Our team definitely has a family feel to it where everyone helps all within it to succeed.  I am so proud of the people I work with and the education we provide for helping people to achieve their best health and to understand how wonderful Network Marketing can be when done really well.

In my blog I intend to write about the latest scientific advancements in health and wellness and also to share my knowledge on building a successful team within the industry of Network Marketing.  There will be some health focused and some business focused posts and news about what I’m up to.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my points of view on things and perhaps learn something new along the way that can support you achieving your goals.

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I sincerely look forward to your feedback as we begin this journey together