…..a chef who was 5 stone overweight, borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, aching joints, no energy.

Hi my name is Gavin.

I am a professional Chef and this is my Microbiome purify journey.

I thought I would share with everyone what started all this.

I was at work in Sheffield town centre and when I finished I saw a guy I walk past and I noticed he was big like me but his t-shirt didn’t quite cover his belly I could see it sticking out of the bottom of his shirt and I just had a picture in my head that is how I looked to people. I am not sure if I did or not but as a chef and working with food all day every day I ate a lot and even at time well most of the time I over ate and my days off I just eat because I was bored or but after seeing the man with his t-shirt I knew at that point I didn’t want to be big anymore. I made my mind up to change my life. I had spoken to a friend who had just done the Synergy Microbiome purify kit and he said that he has lost some weight he felt amazing and it had changed the way he looked at food and that he had start to do things he had not done since he was in the
Marines. I asked him to get me the kit because I thought losing some weight would be good and the rest I could do on my own. I was very nervous about doing the Microbiome purify kit as knowing my look it wouldn’t work.
How wrong I was. In the first 7day I lost a stone that’s amazing I thought. I had changed my diet it has start to help. Over the next 2 weeks I lost another 1stone and 2Lb I thought wow this is amazing I feel fantastic. I asked myself did want to be that big bloke again or keep going so I have. I have kept to what I did in the detox. I now have the SLM smart meal replacement for my lunch as a professional chef I don’t get to eat at the right times. So now I have started with other products as well the ProArgi 9, Mistify and Photolife and they have helped me oh and E9 helps me if I need a natural energy boost.
If I can do this and still do my job as a professional chef and still lose weight then I know anyone can. Maybe for your holiday or for a special occasion or for other health reasons Synergy can help. It has me! I am the proof I know I will keep the weight off using Synergy products to aid me to do this.

I have now hit my goal and I can tell you I feel fantastic.
When I started this my weight was 21 stone 3Lb in the 21 days I lost 2 stone 2Lb I have lost 4 stone to date and I have set myself one last goal and that is to lose just one more stone to get to 16 stone 3 and then I know that’s my final weight. The best part about my journey is not that I have lost all this weight although don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing thing but I now go for a 3 to 6 mile walk every day. I don’t have any joint pain like I did before and I don’t have the cravings for all the chocolate pop and the 5 Energy drink a DAY I used to have or for the big bag of ready slated snacks as I am not always tired or have no energy or just sat watching Tv and eating junk food just because. I now exercise and I have more energy I love the new slim me. I was borderline diabetic my bloody pressure was high my cholesterol I would say was high as well but not anymore.

If you want to know more please ask as i am now selling Synergy products.

What a journey you've been on Gavin! It's been amazing to witness the change each time I've seen you. Keep it up and well done from us at All Over Health.

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