Are you interested to learn more about health and wellbeing and earn a primary or secondary income by helping others?

Read on to find out how we help new Team Members get started.

There are so many benefits to the opportunity of a Synergy business.  Firstly, people see the opportunity to help others and by doing so, earn some extra money.  But, when a person truly begins to discover what we have on a deeper level, they find out that they can learn and grow, have purpose and fulfillment in life, and be a part of a team that has excitement and confidence to take them toward their goals and dreams.


The Heart 2 Heart team are a welcoming group of people who willingly support any health enthusiast to learn what it takes to have a successful business by helping themselves and others improve their life.

Every new team member is offered free training in a number of key areas:

  1. We help you get connected to the team, Synergy, resources and events where you can meet, learn and deepen your knowledge and relationship with your fellow colleagues.
  2. We give you thorough product training so that you can increase your nutritional knowledge and speak with confidence about the products and programmes.
  3. We share stories and testimonials so that you can easily understand how the products have changed people’s lives.
  4. We find out what your goals and ideals are for your business so that we can help you in the way in which you want to be helped. You set the pace and size of your business and income.
  5. We help you understand how to retail the products, the profit margins and the many commission layers available to you to so that you can begin to work toward earning your desired income goal.

One key area of training to be highlighted is the Power of the 3rd.


You can utilise many experienced team members to join you on calls with your potential customers or team members.  It’s a listening and learning mentality and is by far the most effective and quickest way to understand how to talk about the products and Synergy, how to answer questions, talk about pricing, ordering and so on.   It’s the Power of the 3rd philosophy that has given rise to great success within the team and why all experienced team members are willing to pass that knowledge on.   Many team members will also come with you to do health talks and awareness days or events. All this help means that, although you have your own business, you certainly are not in business on your own.

Because of our style of training, it is not necessary to have any previous experience in health and wellness or any professional qualification.  Although we do have many team members that come with experience in the health industry, and others that decide to go on and learn more about nutrition – the main requirements are a passion for health and helping others.  Everything else can be learnt along the way providing you join the team with a desire to learn and a teachable attitude.

Heart 2 Heart team logoBeing a member of the Heart 2 Heart team is very rewarding in many ways.  Not only in an improvement to your own health and financial wellbeing but to be a part of a movement of change in the wellness sector with leading edge products based on the latest science and innovation.  To be in a team that feels more like a family, to have support from positive, like-minded individuals and to have a whole lot of fun along the way.

To find out more about joining the team and earning a primary or secondary income with Synergy Worldwide, please contact Kim and Simon, Team Directors and Founders of the Heart 2 Heart team – or


We will be delighted to help you receive the information you need.



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