Before 1900 the incidence of appendicitis was so rare that there wasn’t really a name or certainly a cure for it. It didn’t really become a known thing until around 1920 and by the latter half of the 20th century it was decided that the appendix was a useless appendage in the body and therefore sometimes it became infected. The best thing to do was to whip it out even if the stomach pain wasn’t attributed to a grumbling appendix afterall.🤢

The human body rarely has anything that is determined as ‘useless’ thanks to evolution but we had to wait for science to catch up and let us all know what the truth is.😱

It turns out that the appendix is not only useful but vital! Sorry for all you people out there that have had yours removed. Our not so useless appendix keeps a store cupboard of good bacteria just in case your guts have a cataclysmic event.😵

Such an event could be caused by a course of antibiotics, a gastric infection or food poisoning. In each of these events, the careful balance of good and bad bacteria has changed dramatically and in some cases too many bacteria have been swept out of the body or erradicated. 🌪️

As the guts turn toward healing and normalisation the appendix squirts out some good bacteria that it has been storing in a nice safe place. These friendly bacteria begin to re-populate the long intestinal tube known as the gut once again. Bringing peace and harmony back to the gut garden.😇

It can take months for the guts to rebalance and without the friendly bacteria present some pretty unhelpful bacteria may have moved in. Therefore, its a really good idea to help speed the process up by adding in some colony forming extra friendly bacteria’s and feeding them with fermented foods such as inulin so that they may flourish quickly and health be restored.💜🥗


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